Four Legs Soul Care:

Dog Walking With A Difference


We are your friendly village dog walker and dog, covering all the villages around your local area including:

  • Steeple Claydon
  • Twyford
  • Calvert Green
  • Grendon Underwood
  • Charndon
  • Edgcott
  • Hillesden
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We pride ourselves in being unique; dog walkers with a difference.

We are a team of two working together to ensure the emotional and behavioural needs of your dog remain our priority when it comes to their time with us. For example, in terms of scheduling, we never throw dogs together just because it is convenient timing for us. If the dogs aren’t going to become firm friends, we will not force them to tolerate sharing space. As a qualified behaviour trained canine carer, we see the fall out of “forced socialisation” too often and we believe your dogs deserve more.

That isn’t the only way we are dog walkers with a difference either. We also:

  • Only do countryside walking – no pavements! The mental stimulation that comes from engaging with the countryside using the dogs’ primary sense, their nose, cannot be underestimated. It is a vital part of a dogs walk so that is why we offer it, each and every time.
  • We also vary our walks! Dog's need to engage with different smells and have different enriching experiences to be mentally healthy. The small experiences such as crossing a bridge, walking through a wood, or having opportunities to paddle in water are really important for boosting your dog’s confidence and keeping them engaged in their walks.
  •  Our aim is for dogs to make friends, get to know each other’s likes and dislikes, and practice their social skills in groups that are easily monitored. As a result the dogs in our care actually feel better around other dogs, gain confidence in their social skills, and adopt better ways to interact.
  • We are positive reinforcement/fear free dog walkers which means we use treats and praise to reward the behaviours we like, such as a great recall. If a dog performs a behaviour we do not like, such as not coming back when called, we do not shout or act angry at the dog in any way. We simply recognise that the dog needs some more recall training and make time for that. Our bond with the dogs is the most important thing and we know that shouting or acting angry around a dog can damage that bond. For the dogs in our care, safety, love and trust are the most important thing's.


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