Jen, Lucy and Raggy

Jen is a qualified Dog behaviourist (Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management) with her own business at Calvert Canines. Whilst working as a behaviourist Jen was missing her hands on quality time with the dogs themselves, so was thoroughly honoured to be invited into the Four Legs Soul Care family.  

Jen’s ethics and passion matches up with Katy extremely well. As an accredited force free practitioner she takes the DO NO HARM oath very seriously. With rescues of her own, and hundreds of rescue clients having been taken under her wing, she has seen all too often the price of an under qualified dog professional and this drives her to advocate for the dogs’ needs by offering this highly specialised dog walking service.

Most people know Jen as “the dog lady” and knows she has a real soft spot for the little’uns. Little dogs are so often misunderstood as being aggressive and temperamental when really they are just struggling to be heard, and worried by the super sized world around them. She is owned by two chorkies who join in on the business walks when appropriate.