Katie, Pippa and Henry

Katie is the founder of Four legs Soul Care, she has been a professional and highly respected local dog walker since 2018. In that time she has been a lifeline for a number of people and their dogs, caring for dogs from puppyhood to senior years, 2kg to 80kg!

On walks, Katie is very often joined by Pippa, her 4 year old collie cross. Pippa is a highly energetic dog who takes her work with all her doggy friends very seriously! She has helped many a young dog over the years to develop good social skills and at the moment is especially helping Henry, the young rescue Yorkshire terrier currently being fostered by Katie, learn that life isn’t as scary as he thinks.

Katie has achieved her level 3 - Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare. In this course she was tested on her body language observations and her understanding of dog dynamics and behaviour. She is also well versed in training basic skills such as loose lead walking, recall and four paws on the floor. These are all done using up to date, modern, force free methods.