GROUP WALKS   £12 for one dog or £16 for two from the same house

We tend to have high energy/large dog group walks, calmer dog/medium dog group walks, and small-mini dog group walks. However, your dog will be assessed as an INDIVIDUAL and their personal preferences and unique stats (e.g. size, age etc) will determine who we buddy them up with.

Our group walks are at least 50 minutes long and pick up and drop off time is added onto that. Every walk we take pictures and/or videos so you can see your dog having fun with their mates.

The price of 1 dog joining a group walk is £12. For 2 dogs from the same household we charge £16.



We can also offer solo walking which is great for those dogs who don’t necessarily find other dog company enjoyable!

We still offer great countryside walks for the solo dogs, that are quiet and away from your dogs’ personal triggers. In these walks we can also implement some scentwork activities and other 1-1 training activities to give your dog a really enriched experience.

These solo walks are at least 40 minutes long and pick up and drop off time is added onto that. You will also receive pictures and/or videos of your dog.

The price of a solo walk is £18 for 1 dog. If you’ve got two dogs from the same household we charge £20.



Some dogs really benefit from a mix of group walks AND solo walks. They thrive off other dog company but also really find the confidence boosting/calming effects of a solo walk really beneficial. This is something that we can discuss with you at your free meet & greet.

This package is a great way to get solo walks for the same price as group walks. We charge £12 per walk for 1 dog, regardless of whether it’s a solo or group walk!

Dog Sitting

We are also able to offer dog sitting, from overnight stays to longer holidays. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. These are best booked in advance but last minute bookings can be considered as well.

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